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Customer Reviews & Stories

I rarely give reviews on any place but couldn't stop myself from writing this piece. Before I start, I must mention that I have not been paid to write this and I did not know this shop or the owners before this interaction.

This Body shop is arguably the best that Vancouver has ever seen. Their level of service is beyond compare and they deserve my 5 stars!I was recommended a few 'preferred' shops by my Insurance firm, but after visiting some of them I was frustrated by their cocky attitude and lack of customer service.


Steven N.

Hi Jennifer, I was simply impressed that each of you has high standard of customer care which I hardly see in any other places. I have never done reviewing before but I am happy to do so this time and would recommend to my family and friends for sure. Thank you again.


ICBC claim repair - had great service !Someone hit my mom's car. I called ICBC, and they recommended this shop. I'm glad that they did. The shop did a very good job & gave me very good service. They were very polite and professional. They also gave me a good price on some other extra work I needed done. Definetly a shop I would recommend to others!