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Customer Reviews & Stories

I rarely give reviews on any place but couldn't stop myself from writing this piece. Before I start, I must mention that I have not been paid to write this and I did not know this shop or the owners before this interaction.

This Body shop is arguably the best that Vancouver has ever seen. Their level of service is beyond compare and they deserve my 5 stars!I was recommended a few 'preferred' shops by my Insurance firm, but after visiting some of them I was frustrated by their cocky attitude and lack of customer service.


Steven N.

I am very pleased with the work done on my 2005 Acura RSX. Not only did they repair the damage but they cleaned my car inside out! I think they washed my carpets and the leather seats ect. Whole car smelt great and was spick and span! It did take a little longer than I expected but I think it's a a busy time of year and a popular business. I also loved that they leave a gift bar in your car. The bag came with a windshield scraper, a fun flashlight, a miniature notebook, hand sanitizer, and a pack of gum to keep it fresh!! Courtesy cars are provided if you have Comprehensive. The car was clean but unfortunately didn't have windshield wiper fluid and the wipers were in poor shape. It also had a burnt out head light. Hopefully they take better car of the CC before the next driver! I would definitely recommend 24hr to my friends and fam jam! Bf also had his car repaired and he was very happy with the work done.

Jennifer J.

Hi Jennifer, I was simply impressed that each of you has high standard of customer care which I hardly see in any other places. I have never done reviewing before but I am happy to do so this time and would recommend to my family and friends for sure. Thank you again.


ICBC claim repair - had great service !Someone hit my mom's car. I called ICBC, and they recommended this shop. I'm glad that they did. The shop did a very good job & gave me very good service. They were very polite and professional. They also gave me a good price on some other extra work I needed done. Definetly a shop I would recommend to others!


I'm very satisfied with the job 24 Hr Collision performed on my car. I was surprised at how fast they got me in for an estimate and how soon they were able to take my car in ( less than a week!!). They keep you up to date on your cars progress via text and have newer SUV loaners which is something you don't see too often from body shops. The turnaround time is very quick and the quality of their work is topnotch. To top it off they do an excellent job detailing your car inside and out. They even give you a grab bag full of gifts! Definitely recommend these guys to everyone!!+++